Chiller Systems


The extensive Trane chiller product line has been developed based on decades of knowledge and industry leadership, and includes centrifugal, helical-rotary and scroll compressor chillers, ranging in capacities from 20 to 4,000 tons. Trane chillers are applications in every corner of the world.

Chiller Systems

  • Water Cooled Chillers
  • Air Cooled Chillers
  • Compressor Chillers

Air Handling Units (AHU)

Trane have been manufacturing air handling units throughout the world for the past 40 years. This proven worldwide experience enables provide world class air handling units to suit customer requirements.
Trane combines comprehensive performance certifications with thorough laboratory testing and manufacturing methods. Together, these elements help assure that each Quantum Climate Changer operates predictably and reliably throughout the life of the unit.

Features and Bene­ts include;

  • Ultra Low Leak Construction
  • High Efficiency Performance
  • Excellent Condensate Management
  • Environmental Friendly Materials
  • Optimized Coils
  • Suitable for Retrofit, Renovation and Replacement

Fan Coil Units (FCU)

Trane’s new Chilled Water Fan Coils move you to new heights of cooling comfort, with luxurious design, state of the art technology and long life durability. Fan Coil Units with optional digital wired control or LCD wireless control, is easily to use and allows precise room temperature control. With advanced manufacturing techniques, Trane’s new AquaStylus Chilled Water Fan Coil is the perfect product for your new lifestyle.

Trane FCU’s privide the customers with Full Capacity and Energy Savings, Washable Filter, Low Maintenance, 2-directional Air Discharge
Effective Air Discharge, Low Operating Noise and Power Failure Recovery saves settings during a power failure and restarts the system automatically when power resumes.

Different FCU types include;

  • Cassette Type
  • Convertible Type
  • Ceiling Concealed
  • Wall Mounted Type

Unitary systems

  • Rooftop SystemsSolutions ranges from 1½ tons through 162 tons with straight forward installation.
    Minimized energy consumption. Dedicated digital controls for building management systems.
  • Split SystemsCan create the right system to meet your load requirements. By matching capacity to performance needs reduce cost and improve energy savings. Exceed all nationally recognized agency safety and design standards.
  • Self-contained Systems (Packaged Systems)Capacity ranges from 3 to 110 Tons in varied configurations for air-cooled, water-cooled and remote air-cooled requirements. Products are designed to provide years of reliable, efficient, and quiet operation


Chiller Brochures

CGWP China Product Catalogue 2016

RTHF & RTWF Product Catalog

Trane Air Cooled Screw RTAC (120-400-TR)

Trane Air Cooled Scroll Chiller CGAM (20-130-TR)

Trane Water Cooled Screw RTHD (150-400-TR)


Trane Water Cooled Screw RTWD (60-220-TR)

Trane Water Cooled Screw RTWS (60-125)