Hyundai Elevator Co. Ltd a member of the Hyundai Group , established in 1984, is the first elevator manufacturer in the world to receive a grade of A from TUV, German institute energy efficiency rating (VDI 4707 Part 1) international certification after assessing the elevator’s operation time ,energy consumption and average operation distance.

Hyundai Elevator Co. Ltd, one of the largest conglomerates in South Korea, involved in varies fields from manufacturing Automobiles to Heavy industry, took up the challenge to provide a total solution of high-tech elevators, escalators and moving walks for fast and optimal movements to meet modern development in high rise construction.

In 2009 Hyundai had completed the world’s tallest elevator test tower (205m) in Korea, and in 2010 installed the world’s fastest elevator (18m/s) and Double Deck Elevator (10m/s).

Hyundai Elevator delivers the highest level of passenger comfort and safety, economic value, and customer satisfaction through a broad array of product offerings. Not only do we provide a highly efficient operating system, we enhance the value of your building with aesthetically pleasing design and special functional capabilities.

Elevator Solutions
Smooth & quiet mid/law speed gearless elevator. The Luxen incorporate a high quality gearless traction machine to a mid/low speed elevator, resulting in highly efficient controls and energy savings
Speed : 60-150m/min
Max.Height : Up to 32 floors

The machine room less elevator YZER is a revolutionary new elevator that eliminates the need for a rooftop machine room through the use of miniaturized traction machines and control panels.
Speed: 60-150m/min
Max.Height : up to 32 floors

The double deck elevator simultaneously operates two vertically connected elevators in one hoist way, and depending on the form of operations, can increase transport capacity by up to 1.8 times standards capacity and uses an ultra strong chain operating system to prevent slippage
Speed : Up to 600m/min
Max.Height : 600m(150+floors)

The I-XEL uses the highly efficient permanent magnetic gearless traction machine and a high precision inverter control system, and intelligent microprocessor and data network type dispersion control system to deliver a more comfortable passenger experience and the highest level of safety.
Speed : 180-300m/min
Max.Height : less than 150 + floors

Hyundai Elevator provides a wide variety of freight and automobile elevators.

  • Speed: 30, 45, 60 m/min
  • Capacity (kg) : Up to 5000kg
  • Passenger Capacity: Standard, Double entrance


  • Streamlined design offers comfort and safety.
  • Steps can be assembled, disassembled at any point of the sloe, reducing maintenance time (step disassembly takes approximately 20 sec.)
  • Use of the power regenerating inverter minimizes energy consumption.
  • Safe escalators that meets International Standards EN115, ASME, JEAS, and others.
  • Reliability recognized by CE and KC(EK) certification.