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Abans Engineering together with Trane USA / Mitsubishi Japan are committed to providing you a world class service to maintaining all your HVAC equipment and Chiller machinery.

Purchasing the correct equipment is a long and hard proceeded of any project, but this process will look very minute when it comes to maintaining the equipment for the entire lifespan of the project itself, this is where Abans Engineering’s Service & Maintenance Department will come and help you take breath of fresh air for life “Literally”

Over 100 + overseas and locally trained, qualified technicians, and with the best Engineers in the field are committed to giving you the best customized service to maintenance and Breakdown repair of all your HVAC equipment.

In order to serve you batter Abans Engineering have initiated 3 specialized teams for your following requirements.

  • Chiller Maintenance & Repair Team
  • VFR Service & Repair Team
  • Package AC Maintenance & Repair Team

Since these 3 teams are specially initiated with Qualified Engines of each discipline they are able to respond to your requirement with a profession approach and rectify the problematic are with minimum disturbance to your system and lowest possible down time.

Our technicians & fleet is ready to mobilize to any part of the island with in a very short span of notice, and having the manufacture recommended tools in hand, we are able to accurately diagnose and rectify the problematic equipment with rapid turnaround time.

In order to run all your equipment without any disturbance in your mind we have introduced 3 level service agreements too,

  • Comprehensive Service
  • Labor Contract Service
  • Customized Service

The customer can chooses amounts these 3 stages the best agreement suited to the equipment that is being operated on the site.

We are just scratching the surface of the capability of Abans Engineering scope of work, when it comes to HVAC total engineering service providing, we have long standing tie ups with word renown and fortune 500 companies, and the Best of the best human capital, therefore we are the No.1 best service provider in the industry.

At Abans Engendering air conditioning maintenance and repair is not just a Job, it’s a passion for us, and we are here to providing you the highest occupation comfort to carry out your day to day functions with ease !!!

Adding Value to your Equipment for Performance and Extend Life Span

Abans Engineering services Department is providing you with range of Value added services to run your Train chiller efficiently and cost effectively.

With Trance Care Services your systems will be enhance to like new performance, thereby improve operation and extend equipment life span.

Few of cost effective solutions are,

  • Eddy Currant Probe Tub Testing
  • ATB Cleating Systems (Automatic Tub Cleaning Systems)
  • Compressor Renewal
  • RTHD Adaptive Frequency Drive

Eddy Currant Probe Tub Testing


Eddy current tube analysis should be conducted as a part of predictive and curative maintenance program. It is the recommended scientific method to identify the root cause of a problem and the extent of damage caused to the tubes.

If your report shows that intervention is necessary, a Trane technical expert will propose practical actions to resolve the situation and will offer his assistance to restart your chiller.

ATB Cleating Systems


The ATB System Turbo-brushes spin through internally enhanced tubes, Cleaning the tube walls many times each day.

service4 The ATB System 4-way valve reverses the condenser water flow for about 30 seconds every 6 hours

Save Energy and Eliminate Tube Fouling Forever With the Automatic Tube Brushing (ATB) System,

The Automatic Tube Brushing (ATB) System Technology cleans chiller condensers and other shell and tube heat exchangers automatically without shutting down the equipment. This permanently installed system virtually eliminates tube fouling by removing debris from tube surfaces many times each day.


Compressor Renewal

Keep your compressor in top condition

In order to ensure a long working life for Trane compressors, system oil and vibration are regularly analyzed. These tests build a detailed picture of the condition of internal system components. Over time, they also help build a ‘wear trend’ of the equipment. This tells our service experts whether your compressor is due for minor maintenance, or a complete overhaul.

RTHD Adaptive Frequency Drive

Low energy costs through a high-tech solution


The second largest energy user in most buildings is the chilled water system. The RTHD Adaptive Frequency Drive, available as a retrofit kit from Trane Care Energy Services, can make significant savings in the energy your chiller consumes.

Equipment breakdown can have disastrous consequences. In human terms, it can mean discomfort to building tenants, leading to dissatisfaction and complaints. In financial terms, it can mean extensive repair or replacement costs. But with Trane hand in hand with Abans Engineering services, all this can be avoided.