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Hyundai Elevator Co. Ltd. a member of the Hyundai Group, is the first elevator manufacturer in the world to receive a grade of A from Tüv, German Institute Energy efficiency rating (VDI 4707 Part1) involves giving international certification after assessing an elevator’s operation time, energy consumption, and average operation distance.

Hyundai Elevator Co. Ltd., one of the largest conglomerates in South Korea involved in various fields from manufacturing Automobiles to Heavy Industry, took up the challenge to provide a total solution of high-tech elevators, escalators and moving walks for fast and optimal movements to meet modern developments in high rise construction.

Hyundai Elevator Co. Ltd., was established in 1984 under technical license agreement with Westinghouse USA and received ISO 9001 certification in 1991.

In 2009 Hyundai had completed the world’s tallest elevator test tower (205m) in Korea, and in 2010 installed the World’s Fastest Elevator (18 m/s) and Double Deck Elevator (10 m/s).

Hyundai LOWATT, next generation elevator inverter system, minimizes energy consumption by regenerating wasted kinetic energy with newly designed power circuit. It is applicable for low-medium speed gearless elevator LUXEN, machine room less elevator YZER, and geared elevator.

Smooth & Quiet Mid/Low Speed Gearless Elevator.

The LUXEN incorporates a high quality gearless traction machine to a mid/low speed elevator, resulting in highly efficient controls and energy savings.

Also, continuous noise and vibration analyses have resulted in increased passenger comfort and a quiet and pleasant ride.

  • Speed :60-1 50m/min
  • Max. Height :Up to 32 floors
The machine roomless elevator YZER is a revolutionary new elevator that eliminates the need for a rooftop machine room through the use of miniaturized traction machines and control panels, allowing increased space utilization, resolution of height and sunlight restriction issues, and more freedom in installation layout and skyline design.

  • Speed :60-150 m/min
  • Max. Height :Up to 32 floors
The i-XEL uses the highly efficient permanent magnetic gearless traction machine and a high precision inverter control system, and intelligent microprocessor and data network type dispersion control system to deliver a more comfortable passenger experience and the highest level of safety. These features have made the state of the art i-XEL high speed passenger elevator system an absolute necessity in luxury high rise buildings. i-XEL stands for Innovative Express Elevator.

  • Speed :180-300 m/min
  • Max. Height :Less than 150+ floors
The speed, height , and capacity to satisfy the world's greatest architectural structures "THE" in THE EL stands fornonlyaor"stands alone" as there is no other elevator like this in the world. True to its name, THE EL 1080 has the speed, height , and capacity to satisfy the world's greatest architectural structures, and delivers the highest value through our concept of safety first, flexibility, and green.

  • Speed : Up to 1,080m/min
  • Max. Height :600m (150+ floors)

Elevators & Moving Walks

Hyundai escalators and moving walks are an outstanding class of people moving systems. They offer a streamlined touch of styling and proficiency while addressing the very latest in safety concerns. Their compact design allows them to be placed in minimum sized wellways and that provides you with the flexibility you need to make the most efficient use of your valuable building space. Our complete line up includes the New-world Class, H-series escalators and pallet type moving walks. One of them will be the ideal answer to your pedestrian-traffic needs.


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