Abans BMS “Building Management System”

Build Abans BMS Technology in to your Building

We at Abans BMS are committed to making your ordinary building an energy saving high performance, profitable building.

Proper building management is, as old as the concept itself. There are very few companies in Sri Lanka pioneer the art of BMS, however Abans with Train USA pioneered this to provide customized solutions.

Presently we offer a variety of BMS solution to,

  • HVAC
  • Electricity
  • Water supply
  • Elevator
  • Lighting
  • Telecommunication
  • CCTV
  • Fire alarm system
  • Access control

All the controls we use are built on open, scalable platforms. They’ll integrate seamlessly with your existing equipment and controls no matter what brand and give you the latitude to easily expand into other systems within your building, multiple buildings and buildings you’ll add in the future.

Customer will have the comfort of web enabled controlling of the total building, performance on any connected device smartphone, tablet or workstation giving you control over your building systems whether you’re in your office or on the go.

Continues development and new technology introduction is our vision, in order to provide out vision to customers we have a put up a qualified, experience & dedicated BMS engineers and BMS sales staff.

BMS Products

Web-based Facility Management for Multiple Buildings

We will provides an online, enterprise-wide view and control over all your buildings and systems from any PC, tablet or web-connected device on your network. Tracer ES Building Management Workstation Software integrates easily with other systems via BACnet IP, giving you the information you need to make enterprise-wide decisions for optimized performance.

System Controller

Manage all the systems in your building with the Tracer™ SC System Controller. With a complete portfolio of building management applications and an intuitive, easy-to-use internet-based user interface, you’ll have fingertip control over your building’s efficiency. Using Tracer SC also gives you access to mobile apps, so you can manage building systems remotely through your Android™ or Apple® smartphone or tablet. Tracer™ BAS Operator Suite allows you to monitor equipment, make set point changes, control spaces, manage alarms, view systems graphics and more.


The Chiller Plant Management application coordinates chillers and provides system chilled water control. The CPM application allows you to configure a chiller plant for optimal efficiency and reliability, and provides a means for you to monitor and control the daily operation. Depending upon the many possible chiller plant configurations and design differences, the CPM application can:

  • Provide overall chiller plant status information and alarms to local and remote Tracer SC users
  • Enable or disable chiller plants
  • Start, stop, and monitor the status of system chilled water pumps
  • Calculate individual chilled water set points for individual chillers in series chiller plants
  • Request when chillers are added or subtracted according to building load requirements and user-specified add and subtract logic
  • Rotate chillers according to user-defined intervals
  • Remove chillers from the rotation in the event For more information, see the Chiller Plant Application Guide
  • Control of Chillers (Soft Loading and Unloading)
  • Sequencing the Chillers
  • Scheduling the Chillers
  • Control of Primary Pumps
  • Sequencing the Primary Pumps
  • (Automatic Change over to Standby Pumps in case of Scheduled Pump failure)
  • Monitoring of Primary Pumps
  • Monitoring of Chillers Supply Water Temperature Sensors

Total Customer Support



Local service and technical support

We deliver building control solutions. In addition to consultation in system design construction and commissioning, we can provide local support through the life of your building:

  • Technical service in case of an emergency
  • Maintenance to keep your system operating reliably
  • A full line of replacement parts in local inventory
  • Available extended service warranties for added protection


TRANE Chiller Plant Management